Sunday, September 7, 2014


-The Ebony Tower- New Spring (WOT Vol. 1) 2xCDr (3 copies) $10.00

-The Ebony Tower- The Eye Of The World (WOT Vol. 2) 6xCDr (3 copies) $20.00

-The Ebony Tower- The Great Hunt (WOT Vol. 3) 6xCDr (3 copies) $20.00

-Cory Strand/The Ebony Tower- Breakfast At Tiffany's 12xCDr (2 copies) $40.00

-The Ebony Tower/Blood Eagle- The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle c62 (4 copies) $5.00

-Gender Sabotage/The Ebony Tower- The Annotated Lesley Ann Downey 12xCDr (2 copies) $40.00

Trades preferred, any genre accepted.


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